Central Osaka in the Covid Emergency

The presence of the Covid pandemic is still heavily felt in Japan’s second city, Osaka. Covid safety measures are observed in every corner of the prefecture, including social distancing, masks, temperature checks, and hand sanitizer use.

Yoyogi Greasers

For many years the 1950s style dancers have been an attraction at Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park. They are a private group, not affiliated to the authorities or travel corporations.

Kyoto in the Rain

Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto is beautiful in any season, but here are views amidst the summer rain, which have driven most tourists away from its spectacular shrines and temples.

A Glimpse at Conveyor-Belt Sushi

Sushi, considered a delicacy across the world, is one of the most popular types of food in Japan. In particular, there are many “kaiten sushi” restaurants across the country; in other words, conveyor-belt sushi.