Tottori Prefecture

SNA Travel (Tottori) — Tottori Prefecture is located in the western part of Honshu, Japan’s main island, facing the Sea of Japan. Of the nation’s 47 prefectures, Tottori has the smallest population, with only about 570,000 people living here.

For travellers in Japan, Tottori offers some unique attractions, especially the Tottori Sand Dunes, which is a sight unlike any other to be found in Japan. Located near the capital city of Tottori, the dunes are thought to be about 100,000 years old, and their odd, scenic aspect remains one of Japan’s most surprising tourist attractions. There is even a museum here for sand sculptures which should not be missed.

Views of the sacred volcanic mountain of Daisen are also spectacular, especially as seen from the Hanakairo flower park. Mt. Daisen is the highest mountain in this region, and is western Japan’s answer to eastern Japan’s Mt. Fuji.

An attraction for lovers of Japanese popular culture can be found in Sakaiminato City. Here is a quiet street dedicated to the famous manga artist Shigeru Mizuki, with his love of monsters and other strange characters rendered into statues of many sizes and shapes. It’s fine place to stroll on a relaxed afternoon in western Japan.

For travellers looking to get off the beaten path of Tokyo and Kyoto, Tottori Prefecture offers a number of worthwhile attractions, highlighting the nation’s diversity and natural beauty.

From Tokyo, the only practical way to travel to Tottori Prefecture is by domestic flight to either Tottori Airport in the east or Yonago Airport in the west.

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