A Streetcar Named Arakawa

SNA Travel (Tokyo) — In the heart of Tokyo, there exists a more traditional form of transportation, one which no longer operates as much as it had in the past. The Toden Arakawa Line, also known as the ‘Sakura Tram,’ takes you on a journey from Waseda Station via Ikebukuro, Sugamo, and Arakawa and finally to Minowabashi.

What makes this journey different from taking any other train in Tokyo is the view of the city at street level. Neither buried in a tunnel nor riding high above the city, the Arakawa Line puts you right there on the level with the life of ordinary citizens.

Housewives, students, taxi drivers, construction workers, and simply the everyday cast of characters one might meet in daily life in Japan’s megacity all come together for a brief and relaxing ride on the last of the streetcars.

Also, there are many exciting and fascinating destinations en route to your final stop, but we’ll leave that adventure to you.

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